TouchPoint One have successfully developed and implemented over 1000 systems, policies, procedures and work instructions for our clients in the water and utilities sectors.

We work with managers of water and utility organisations to observe and understand, then document and implement meaningful and practical management systems.

Our work has allowed our clients to significantly increase alignment and culture within their organisations, to empower their people to make informed decisions, to create time for managers and their teams, to cut red tape, and to reduce compliance issues.

Building systems for utilities for 20 years

Working in operational and strategic roles across the water and utilities sector, and with a background in systems which began in the Air Force, Craig knows how to structure, systematise and ultimately empower utility organisations. Read more about Craig’s story here.

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Our Method

We use a proven 6 step framework that allows us to gain a deep understanding of an organisation, and using that knowledge, develop and implement systems and processes that are the perfect fit for the type and size of the organisation, are easy to use and are embraced and used by staff.

The systems and processes we develop are assets that align teams, increase output, and add value.

Craig Meinicke, the pilot for your management systems

A critical part of Craig’s career was his time training as an Air Force pilot where he began developing his appreciation of the need for specific systems and processes that drive predictable outcomes.

It’s this principle which so many organisations forget. If you want to experience success and freedom in your organisation, you need to make sure that the structures and processes are in place to ensure that everyone is working from the same playbook.

Craig has more than 20 years’ experience delivering practical systems and processes for water and utilities organisations.


We provide a range of services tailored to the water and utilities sectors. We have developed and honed our services and methods as a result of the 20+ years of experience in these industries.

Management System Framework Development and Implementation

Workflow and Process Development and Implementation

Approval and Compliance

Preparation of Technical Documentation

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Over the last 4 years, Craig has provided me with specialist support and advice on a number of high profile projects in the water industry. He brings a calm professionalism and high levels of integrity when delivering across a number of challenging work streams. I warmly endorse Craig and his services.

Chris Evans,Manager Service Delivery, Seqwater