Who We Work With

We work with C-Suite executives and managers of water and utilities organisations to improve their lives and the lives of their teams through the development and implementation of practical and easy to use systems and processes.

Our ideal clients know that there is a better way to do things and are not afraid to push the boundaries and challenge traditional ways of thinking. They want to grow and empower their people and remove as much red tape as possible, while still keeping some checks and balances in place.

Our ideal client wants to be recognised as a leader and innovator within their industry.


TouchPoint One has recent experience in providing management, coordination and facilitation services in the following areas:

  • Business process development, optimisation and implementation.
  • Operational policy and procedure development and implementation.
  • Change management strategy development and delivery.
  • Recreation infrastructure audit, assessment and estimating.
  • Permit to work and site access management system development and implementation.
  • Contract scope specification and transition management services.
  • Workplace health and safety management system development, implementation and audit.
  • Approvals framework development, including negotiating approval conditions with regulators.
  • Project management, contract management and project controls services.
  • Tender package development and tender evaluation.
  • Technical specification and technical drawing package development.

Why We Do What We Do

We have worked across a range of roles, across a range of organisations across a range of industries and have seen organisations that work and organisations that don’t. We are frustrated when we see great people bogged down by red tape and impractical processes.

Sometimes people are too close to the problem that they cannot see it, but we can. We work best when we are unscrambling a problem, identifying smart and practical solutions, and writing documents that map out how an organisation works.

We have a bit of OCD built into our DNA, we love building systems and writing documents that make people’s lives easier, that remove frustration and bring enjoyment to their work.


Based in Brisbane, TouchPoint One was founded by Craig Meinicke.

Craig is somewhat of an enigma, his ability to successfully transition between roles, between careers, between industry sectors, is rare.

Tyre fitter, Council worker, facilities maintenance in London, training to be a pilot in the RAAF, water treatment operator, retail officer, technical writer, strategic advisor, environmental officer, consultant…… just some of the jobs Craig has performed.

What does this mean? In a word, experience. Craig has it in spades. There are not many situations you are likely to face in a workplace that Craig has not experienced and learned from.

Having an operational background, Craig is also practical, he likes to make the complex simple. He has built a successful consulting business delivering practical solutions to complex problems.

Practical Solutions

Organisations are facing ever increasing pressures to deliver value for money outcomes; increased costs, higher shareholder expectations, rapid advances in technology, greater workforce expectations, the list goes on.

Managers are forced to drive more out of less, to squeeze every last drop out of their budgets, to extract the best out of their people, to meet their targets no matter the cost.

Add in the myriad of regulatory obligations and the need to ensure safe systems of work, you can understand how things can be overlooked and slip through the cracks.

This is where TouchPoint One comes into our own. We know how to get the best out of your people, to reduce regulatory red tape, to build systems and processes that are practical and that work on the ground, all the stuff that makes great organisations great.

We understand the challenges that organisations face, and we have proven methods for identifying and addressing roadblocks and unlocking the true value of your organisation and your people.

Our Method

We use a proven 6 step framework that allows us to gain a deep understanding of an organisation, and using that knowledge, develop and implement systems and processes that are the perfect fit for the type and size of the organisation, are easy to use and are embraced and used by staff.

The systems and processes we develop are assets that align teams, increase output, and add value.

We are a business for good

We want to ensure that philanthropy is a core element of our business, which is why we have partnered with B1G1 – Buy 1, Give 1 – to allow us to give to those who need it the most by doing the things we do every day.

B1G1 allows us to give a percentage of our revenue to worthy projects, so that you can help make the world a better place without going out of your way.

At the moment, we are giving to a charity that helps save and protect the Daintree rainforest, and a project which provides computer access and training for aboriginal children in remote communities.


We are the company that best understands and delivers on the operational needs of water and utility organisations.


To be the partner of choice for water and utilities organisations seeking to supercharge their operations and empower their people.


Respect and care for individuals
Be great communicators
Challenge traditional thinking in everything we do
Listen and acknowledge all opinions
Be open and honest with people
Make decisions based on facts


Every time you work with us …
we make sure something great happens in our world.

TouchPoint One is a Business for Good, making sure we serve our clients brilliantly AND make a difference in our world every time we do. We do that by partnering with B1G1.com, the global business giving initiative. It’s part of what makes TouchPoint One a great place to be.

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