Management System Framework Development and Implementation

  • Review and map out existing management system elements
  • Consult with key stakeholders to review framework and elements
  • Identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • Develop action plan, establish resourcing requirements, and cost estimate
  • Develop and implement new elements within the organisation

Workflow and Process Development and Implementation

  • Identifying inputs, outputs, touch points and all relevant policy
  • Performing gap analysis and benchmarking
  • Identifying and addressing constraints and capability gaps
  • Performing change impact assessment
  • Write documents to support the new system or process
  • Identifying technology solutions to enhance outcomes
  • Implementation and change management

Approval and Compliance

  • Identifying regulatory requirements
  • Developing approvals frameworks and processes
  • Collaborating with regulatory bodies
  • Writing and submitting approval documentation
  • Implementing approval conditions
  • Performing approvals auditing and reporting

Preparation of Technical Documentation

  • Writing operational policies, procedures, and manuals
  • Writing technical standards and specifications
  • Managing stakeholder review processes
  • Managing the operational implementation of new procedures
  • Auditing and reviewing the effectiveness of new systems and processes

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