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This time of the year is extremely busy for everyone. We’re all trying to finish the work year strongly, and we have to stay on top of family commitments and socialising in our spare time.

It’s crazy, and exhausting, but we get a lot done in this period too. 

Then we finally get some time off to unwind and set our resolutions for the next year. We also expect a reward for the past 12 months of effort. But we often don’t take the time to look back on the past year and reflect on what we achieved, to remember on our wins and achievements, and to contemplate our failures.

Did you actually set concrete goals at the start of the year? Did you write them down somewhere? Did you plan the steps you’d need to take to achieve these goals? Did you think about what achieving these goals would look and feel like?

Or did you just say you were going to do some stuff and never actually got around to it?

It is pretty much impossible to measure success if you haven’t defined what success looks like.

Before you think “Okay, I better go set some goals then”, you need to fully commit to following through or it is a waste of time even starting. You have to sit down and figure out what you want, decide you are willing, able and ready to work towards those goals, and then start.

Set your goals and start. The starting bit is critical. Work tirelessly towards your goals, create momentum and don’t let yourself be distracted along the way. 

If you were to have an honest discussion with yourself about what you did in 2019; did you set and achieve your goals, how effective you were and how you behaved, would you be proud? 

Would you give yourself a bonus?

If you are after some awesome frameworks for setting and achieving goals, head over to Keith Abraham’s website for some great resources.