Businesses tend to operate in four performance zones

They Struggle

These businesses are just starting out or they don’t have the resources to invest in systems and processes to run their business. They want to grow and scale but are burdened by doing everything the hard way.

They Function

These businesses have been around for a while and have built some rudimentary systems and processes. These have generally been to plug an immediate gap or to meet client demands. There is no structured approach to growing and scaling their business.

They Perform

These businesses have invested in their systems and processes to a point where they have the visibility and control that they need, and their systems are not costing them money. They are performing well but are still leaving opportunities on the table.

They Excel

These businesses understand that systems and processes are the foundation of what they do and see them as assets and not liabilities. They have structures and processes in place that drive efficiency and profit. Their business is more valuable because of the systems and processes they have implemented.


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