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Everyone in business has a to-do list. Some use a notebook, some plaster their desks in Post-it notes, some use Kanban boards, and others love their technology.

Everyone also has some to-do jobs that just never get done. You know the ones; the jobs that aren’t seen as a priority and just get bumped down the list every time you stumble across something new to add to your list.

Sooner or later you need to ask yourself, why are these jobs on the list to start with? At some point in time you thought they were important.

If they are important enough to be on the list, why have they not been done?

I often find business improvement work is one of these “to-do” jobs that often get bumped down the list. 

It is not seen as work that creates revenue. 

It is not seen as a business asset because it is on the wrong side of the balance sheet. 

It is not sexy work because it’s often hard to change and improve how a business operates.

Of course each of these reasons can be debunked.

The great thing about doing some of these fundamental business improvement jobs is that you do them once, do them well, and when they are done, you don’t have to do them over and over again.

Committing to improve processes that save your staff time on each task they perform will have an immediate and lasting positive impact on your business.
Have another look at that to-do list, stop procrastinating and get stuff done in 2020.